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The BONES are virtual entities of humans (and other species) who minted their brains on the Ethereum blockchain, and live happily in the STREETOONVERSE - a virtual world, inspired by the 80's and 90's pop culture

Just 1000 Mr BONES will exist EVER! 

Each of them is custom and unique! 

The collection is very inclusive, and beside different styles, it has a 1:1 They all represent that we are all made from the same thing inside of us. BONES

It is an open series that will continue to evolve with time, owners of episodes can work with STREETOON to define the next episodes and shape the future of this family!

Visit STREETTON to know more about the street wear collection


- Handmade and Unique Mr. BONES. Each of our custom characters is 100% handmade and unique. We just think the best trait for a collectible is "No traits at all".

- Fixed price for whitelist members
Owners of Mr. BONES have the privilege of reserving pieces from upcoming drops and buying them at mint price (0.3 ETH)

- Open series that will evolve with time
As of today, the Mr. BONES series is open, being written and shaped by Ron the Killer and the community.

- Each Mint will come with an animated loop video and a picture of your Mr. BONES, so you can use it as an Avatar